Make sure you chlorinate your swimming pool correctly

Chlorine is a chemical used in both underground and aboveground swimming pools. It has a huge responsibility of keeping the developing of bacteria and algae at bay. This way the water is safe for people to swim in. There are plenty of things including dirt, debris, sweat, urine, and oils for the body that get into the water. These are all contaminates and the chlorine helps to keep the water purified.

Properly testing the levels of chlorine in the swimming pool is very important. Otherwise you will end up with inaccurate results. You need to take a sample of the water that is at lest 25 centimeters below the surface. You also don’t want to take a sample of water that is along the edge of the pool wall.

Chlorinate your water

There are many different testing kits out there you can buy to keep track of your chlorine levels. You want to buy one that offers three different types of tests results – the free available chlorine, the combined chlorine, and the total chlorine. You need to be doing such testing weekly or it can result in some very undesirable problems for you relating to your swimming pool. All of those terms do sound quite similar but they have different purposes.

The free available chlorine is the amount that is in the water to sanitize it. This is the test result that will be of the most importance to you. The combined chlorine is something you don’t want to find too much of. That is because it measures the negative compounds in the water. If this number is very high it is a sure indictor that the water in the swimming pool is lacking enough free available chlorine. The total chlorine is the combination of the two of them so it is very straight forward.

When the water doesn’t have enough chlorine in it people can become ill from the bacteria and algae that may be present. If the water is cloudy you need to refrain from letting anyone get in until it has been cleared up. The risk of a waterborne illness is simply too great.

If there is too much chlorine people can become sick as it will get absorbed into their skin. Their eyes and nose may burn from it as well due to the potency of the smell that chlorine gives off. It is important to realize that this can also mean there isn’t enough chlorine in the water but too much acid. The only way to know for sure is to test it out each week and to evaluate the results.

Always buy a good quality chlorine as well. The most common form is tablets as they are easier to use. Make sure you keep them stored in a cool and dry location away from the reach of pets or children. You also need to use safety precautions when you handle it because it is quite potent. Wear eye protection and gloves while handling it. If you get the chlorine on your clothing remove them and wash them immediately.

If you happen to touch your skin with it then wash the area thoroughly with soap and water for several minutes. While it is an essential part of caring for your swimming pool properly, you need to protect yourself first and foremost.