Chlorine shock your swimming pool

The process of shocking a swimming pool is done in order to remove various debris from it. There are many different products that come from a person’s body when they enter a swimming pool. They include sweat, dead skin, and oils. Of course there is always the chance that someone has peed in the swimming pool as well. While those aren’t pleasant thoughts they are reality, and thus the reason why shocking is so important for maintaining your swimming pool.

You need to make sure you use the right type of shock for your swimming pool. Some of them are designed for chlorinated pools and others aren’t. In addition to that factor, you also need to take the size and type of filtering system you have into consideration. If you aren’t confident about what to get as an authorized swimming pool dealer. They can make sure you have the right product to take care of this important issue.

Chlorine shock

Using the proper amount of shocker for your swimming pool is very important as well. This will be determined based on the overall size of your swimming pool. You can cause damage if you don’t use enough or if you use too much. You also need to make sure you use a quality shocker product to get the job done correctly.

The process of using the shock does take time. You will pour it into the water at the deepest end of the swimming pool. Then you will use a swimming pool skimmer to help mix it up around your swimming pool. Keep in mind that if your filter or pump aren’t working like they should then it will be harder for you to get the proper results with your shocker.

The frequency for shocking your swimming pool will vary. It is a good idea to keep the products on hand so you have them when you do need them. The best time of day to check it is in the morning. You can do so while cleaning your pool. If you smell a strong odor of chlorine you may need to shock it. Ironically, a strong smell of chlorine indicates you need more of it not that you have too much in it!

Use test strips to find out what the level of chlorine is in your swimming pool. The testing kit will tell you what the reading should be. When your levels are outside of the ideal range then you know it is time to shock it. It seems that the more often you use your swimming pool and the more people that use it the more frequently you will need to shock it so be aware of that fact.

Don’ t try to rush the process either by adding dry product to the swimming pool. Instead you need to mix the shocker with water in a bucket. Then slowly add it to the swimming pool water. This will ensure it is as effective as possible. Proper mixing will also reduce the number of times you need to do the shock treatment for your pool.

It is important to remember that the ingredients in shocker are very potent. Therefore you want to avoid adding any other types of chemicals at the same time. Some individuals have experienced problems when they added chlorine tablets and shocker at the same time. They did so in order to get all their work done at the same time.