6 Best Traffic Leads Tools in One Place

Before you start considering building any form of presence on the Internet, the key is where are you going to get the best traffic leads tools. After a few years of maximising clicks on my website through search engines, paid advertising, social media, I found the all-on-page that suits my business model.

Now I know, you would not be on this page if you weren’t looking for leads to your website. But, before I dive right into anything, let’s get un understanding of what I am talking about:

What are traffic leads tools?

traffic leads tools

Traffic leads are the key to any form of web presence, no matter if it is for your website, blog or social media account. The reason being, why are you putting this information out there if you don’t what anyone to view it. Simple as that!

So traffic leads are the people who will be going out there to look at the information you are sharing through which ever platform you are using. But realistically, it is pointless sending a million people to your website or blog and they are really not interested, so as they open your page, they immediately go on a look for something else which may be of interest for them.

You are still not achieving the exact goal, because you really want people who are interested in what you are sharing to being the people looking at your information content. These are the best traffic leads, because no matter what you are sharing you are getting the best traffic for your website or blog.

Creating a successful business online

Creating a successful business online is linking your content to the right person. Thereafter taking that person on a journey through your business information and introducing your product line to that right person. It is as simple as that!

There are a number of ways that you could do this, but let’s be realistic a lot of them become irritating to your potential customers.

Firstly, at no stage am I mocking any method with my examples, because they do serve their purpose they provide, but…

Having your email box spammed with thousands of things you may have looked at online or your social media account covered with advertising or telemarketing calls day and night is really not for me. So I am sure if I was taking my brand to market, I would want a clean and neat traffic solution that spoke to me when I was wanting that particular information.

When I was looking at launching my online business, my traffic source was one of the key elements that became core to the brand and success of the business. They also had to provide me with a toolbox that would align my business with correct leads in a professional manner.

What should be in the traffic leads tools?

Basically your toolbox for generating traffic leads should provide a consolidation of everything your need to creating a successful online business. The bonus should be that you should have access to these tools at no cost when starting off.

In short this tool box should consist of:

Ultimately, you have got everything you need to be successful with your online products been placed in front of thousand’s of potential buyers!

A reputable company

The other key factor that was very important to me was that I wanted to work with a reputable company. A company that hadn’t just started yesterday, but a company that had evolved with the times and would be around for the future.

Remembering time is money! The last thing you would want to do it link your new online business with someone that promises they world and six months later you are starting all over again.

The company that I want to be my main traffic source provider had to be authentic and a authority site!

What do I expect from these traffic leads?

Now we all have expectations when we looking for a traffic lead generation service provider. My expectation was that I wanted a service provider where their bread and butter was traffic lead generation and they focused on the service they were providing.

These are they key elements I was looking for:

  • My advert must not be a “dot on a page”, I wanted people to open my advert and actually read what the offer was about. The service provider must incentivise the lead to actually read my advert!
  • Secondly, my advert must only be made available to the local community in my town, country. It must be global. I want my advert to be placed on auto-pilot on other peoples websites and blogs. But I am not going into a bidding war to be placed on page 3.
  • Thirdly, my traffic was come through recommendations that are found in search engines. People must be able to review my products and these reviews must be search engine optimised.
  • Fourthly my leads network must automate and grow. It must be a unique, sustainable and annoyance-free communication system that allows you to reach out to 1000’s of my followers unobtrusively.

Ultimately, the service provider must provide me quality traffic leads that are relative to my product adverts.


In summary, there is a traffic leads tools provider that does exactly what I need for my online business. Their tools provide me with all that I needed to build a successful online real estate business.

In very simple terms, I invite you to my give-away report – no questions asked! “One Signup a Day

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