About David Anthony Properties KwaZulu Natal South Coast

Welcome to David Anthony Properties. To introduce myself, my name is David Anthony. I am a property consultant on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast and will be sharing information about David Anthony Properties.

Talking about David Anthony Properties

David Anthony is a property consultant

The goal of the business is to bridge the gap and share my real life experience and knowledge that I have built within the real estate industry in South Africa. Notably, when selling, buying or investing in property, clients seek guidance to ensure the process runs smoothly. In addition, the landscape changes constantly, one needs to always keep abreast with trends and circumstances.

The vision of David Anthony Properties is to assist clients in making sound property and real estate selling, buying or investing decisions. By analysing and understanding the property and real estate market trends and demographics, I am able to identify sought after and profitable opportunities. Equally important is I understand and provide the best solution for the property needs.

“I will be taking your property journey with you! There are a number of phases that you will be going through till you achieve your property needs. My role at David Anthony Properties is to ensure we tick box each phase correctly!”

Where it began

My interest in the real estate industry started back in 2004. My wife and I purchased our first “fix me upper” property in a small village called Henley on Klip. At this stage I was working in the corporate world for a company known as Tsogo Sun.

Within nine months, we had transformed the property and sold with a substantial capital growth.

This was the start of a new chapter in my life. I started researching different real estate opportunities and began building a portfolio of different ventures. Each were dependent on analysis results of each property.

It was not until 2016, when I eventually decided that it was time to leave the corporate world and start pursuing a new career in real estate properties. I have gained the personal experience and built a solid knowledge base to assist potential buyers, sellers and investors in the property real estate industry.

Services I offer

I am an Intern Estate Agent with a real estate expert and professional company Chas Everitt. I am also the proud owner of a property investment company known as MR SHHJ Hardware and property restoration company known as Henley Projects.

Through using the resources of these three real estate companies, I can offer you the best services on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast with:

  • Making sound property purchasing decisions;
  • Market trends and identified demographics on the coastal properties;
  • Consulting services based from your needs, preferences and financial concerns;
  • Develop strategies to increase the value of your properties when looking at selling;
  • Conduct negotiations on your behalf with real estate agents, buyers, sellers and investors;
  • Communicate with legal conveyancing on the purchase or sale of properties;
  • Introduce mortgage origination for your financial real estate purchasing needs; and
  • Provide property management, restoration and maintenance advise to clients within the real estate industry.

Customer Service

I spent over 25 years in a senior management role within the customer service industry in the corporate hospitality world. My professional standards are based on integrity, honesty and transparency. I believe in providing the best results in accordance with my client’s needs.

The Moment of Truth

Let me make your property experience a magic moment!

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